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Business Accounting & Bookkeeping

Business Accounting & Bookkeeping

Business owners cannot make sound decisions if they are unable to understand their current situation and impact of their decisions. An in-depth knowledge of skills, technical know-how, expert consulting, experience and focus has become increasingly important as organisations continue to face more complex challenges by the day. We offer comprehensive accounting services to companies who wish to outsource their accounting function. We provide various Business Accounting services in Auckland, Wellington, Perth, Brisbane and Hobart as well.

Bank Reconciliation

A process of matching the balances in an entity's accounting records for a cash account to the corresponding information on a bank statement. By this process, our goal is to ascertain the differences between the two, and to book changes to the accounting records as appropriate, while you focus on ensuring efficiency of your business. We provide Business Reconciliation services in Auckland, Wellington, Perth, Brisbane and Hobart as well.

Business Accounting Services in Auckland

Bank Feeds coding

A large part of business accounting is coding bank statements into revenue and expense categories so a business can track its sales and costs. A user can set up rules to automatically match transactions from certain suppliers (eg. a credit card transaction from an airline would be categorised as Travel). This coding occurs from within the bank reconciliation screen which is more efficient than older methods. Cloud Your Account uses two types of approach to bank feeds coding - a direct and an indirect one, depending on the client’s needs.


Cloud Your Accounts works as a team with our employment tax, global mobility, legal and HR colleagues to provide compliance-centric, technology-driven managed payroll services that delivers a high quality and consistent experience to clients and their employees regardless of their location in the world.

Starting with entering an employee’s detailed information in software to producing payroll checks to depositing salary in employee's bank accounts, our absolute payroll services guarantee accuracy and are cost-effective in nature. We provide Payroll services in Auckland, Wellington, Perth, Brisbane and Hobart as well.

Profit and Loss

The profit and loss account is a financial statement which sets out the results of the trading activities of an enterprise in a detailed breakdown of income generated and expenses incurred. Different businesses have different breakdowns of income and expenses and hence present financial information in the profit and loss account in different formats.

Cloud Your Account ensures precise and accurate representation of this financial statement and generate bespoke solutions to business specific problems.

Finalizing Year end accounts

Our professional accountants are proficient in reflecting accurate information for businesses who are closing their books at the financial year’s end. We are well versed in :

  • Preparing financial statements from client books
  • EOY Journal adjustments
  • General ledger scrutiny
  • Reconciliation of assets and liabilities at EOY
  • Analytical review and variance analysis
  • Suggestions/ feedback for improvement of bookkeeping by the client
  • Preparation of excel schedules and workings to support financial statements
  • Management of account monthly/ quarterly

If you have any queries related to our process or need guidance on accounting & finances, feel free to contact us at +61 430 661 987. We will be glad to help you! got it?

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